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How Sponge Works

Integrating Foreign Words into Your Existing Reading

Sponge is a language learning tool that helps you learn new vocabulary by integrating foreign words into your existing reading material. But how exactly does it work?

Practical Repetition

At its core, Sponge is based on the science of spaced repetition in a practical manner. When you encounter a new word or phrase, your brain needs time to process and internalize it. If you encounter that same word again too soon, you may not retain it. But if you encounter it too late, you may have forgotten it already.

Spaced repetition is all about finding the right balance between encountering new information too frequently and not frequently enough. Sponge uses a complex algorithm to determine the optimal time to reintroduce new vocabulary, based on factors such as how frequently you encounter it and how well you've retained it.

Highlighting and Translation

But how does Sponge actually integrate new words into your existing reading? It does so using transliteration of existing words.

As you read, Sponge will automatically select words in your native language and replace them with foreign words. This means that as you read, you'll encounter new vocabulary in the context of your existing reading material. By providing immediate context, Sponge helps you learn new words faster and more effectively than traditional methods.

Multiple Contexts

Another key feature of Sponge is its ability to present new words in multiple contexts. When you encounter a new word in a variety of different texts, you start to build a stronger mental connection to it. This makes it easier to remember and use the word in conversation or writing.

By integrating foreign words into your existing reading material, Sponge helps you build a more comprehensive mental map of the language you're learning. This can accelerate your language learning and make the process more enjoyable.


If you're looking for an effective and enjoyable way to learn a new language, give Sponge a try. Its scientifically-proven approach to vocabulary acquisition can help you build your skills faster and more effectively than traditional methods.